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The Quick 50 school program helps to eliminate weapons, drugs, and alcohol from our local schools. The program focuses on the middle and high school levels. Tipsters are paid upon recovery of the weapon, drugs or alcohol. The tipsters identity remains confidential. 

How Quick 50 Works

1) You witness or have information about a weapon, drugs, or alcohol that is on campus 

2) Contact your school liaison representative (listed at the bottom of this page) or Crime Stoppers to report the incident. Quick 50 encourages you to contact your liaison representative. However, if you do not feel comfortable doing this, call Crime Stoppers by simply dialing 1-800-I-C-CRIME.

3) The school checks on the information received and if a recovery is made you will receive $50 cash.

4) The $50 will be paid directly to you by the school liaison representative. If you gave the information to Crime Stoppers the Police Coordinator will make arrangements so you can receive the reward at an agreed location.

5) The School liaison representative will keep your name confidential and civilian Crime Stopper Board members deliver the award. Board members are not from the tipsters area.

Participating Schools

Monroe High School

Brodhead High School

Monticello School

Juda School

Monroe Middle School

Brodhead Middle School

Albany School

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