Green County
Crime Stoppers

1-800 422-7463

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Green County Crime Stoppers.


Q: If I call something in, does Crime Stoppers trace my call or find out who I am?

A: No, Tipsters are never asked for a name, telephone number or address. We have a code number that we give to them. Sometimes callers voluntarily give their name. In most cases the caller is asked to call back periodically so they can be told about the progress of the information given and if they are eligible for a reward.

Q: Who answers the phone at Crime Stoppers?

A: The Crime Stoppers Program is based at the Green County Sheriff's Department and the phone is answered by a detective. If a detective is not available a recorded message will advise the caller to call back at a certain time. If it is determined from the tip that the crime occurred in a city or village the tip is referred to the proper jurisdiction for investigation.

Q: If I am due a reward, how do I get it and still remain anonymous?

A: If the information given assists the police in making an arrest the tipster is eligible for a cash reward. The Crime Stoppers Police Coordinator will make arrangements for the tipster to meet with two board members at a location where the tipster feels comfortable. There are no questions asked, and the board members will not be from your area.

Q: What are the most common calls you get?

A: The number one call we get is for suspected drug activity. Thefts, burglary and criminal damage to property are also common. We also receive calls on fugitives, habitual traffic offenders and the more serious crimes of robbery and homicide.

Q: How successful is Crime Stoppers at finding perpetrators from these call in tips?

A: Here are the numbers of tips leading to arrests since Green County Crime Stoppers beginning in 1985 and Quick 50's beginning in 1995

 GC Crime Stoppers Data - Updated Spring 2009
Tips 1057
Arrests 331
Found Guilty 284
Not Guilty 5
Dismissed 2
Cases Solved
Arson 5
Theft 39
Robbery 5
Traffic 21
Burglary 64
Fugitives 46
Narcotics 37
Auto Theft 9
Shoplifting 9
Welfare Fraud 3
Sexual Assault 2
Criminal Damage 30
Alcohol Violation 32
Misc. 2
Total Rewards
Total Solved Cases
Property and Narcotics Recovered
Quick 50 School Program
29 10 29 11 $2225